What is Unbound?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to visit Unbound Chris.

I’m just an adventurer who loves travelling, writing, food, video games and film.

On this blog I will detailing my adventures, completing my Life List and reviewing all sorts of things.

My first real, real, taste of travel came in 2016, when the world was suffering from political debacles and a constant stream of beloved celebrity deaths, I was out having the best time of my life. I quit my 9-to-5, took my savings, and any notion that henceforth I was mortgaging my future, and spent six months exploring Asia and Oceania.

When I returned, I had no idea what I was going to do with my life, but I knew I wasn’t going to spend it in an office cubicle working for the government. No, I decided to live the life I always wanted, even though everyone I knew advised me against it. And no, I have never looked back.

If you’re more into visual aides, you can find video adventures on my YouTube channel; Unbound Chris, where I upload a series every week or so about my adventures. It’s kinda funny. My mum likes it anyway (Unless she’s lying to me) I also upload some comedy sketches and podcasts when I get round to it.

Here on this blog, you’ll hear me talk about my adventures, and my Life List, a list I wrote last year when I returned about 277 targets to meet by January 2018. Doesn’t look like I’ll finish them at all by then, but I’m still having so much fun in the meantime.


Thanks so much for stopping by, if you’re interested in any of the both, please do check out my other articles. I hope to update daily with (hopefully) humorous and meaningful content. But we’ll see.

Chris xo

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