Unbound Episode sixty-one- Fossil Hunting in Norfolk (Kind of)

Catch the rest of the Unbound series here! Catch the rest of the BTS articles here! https://youtu.be/AtRUi-QLfEA Goodness gracious, I hadn't realised that I had not written a behind the scenes blog post about my series for about six episodes now, but life gets the better of us sometimes. This is part two in episodes … Continue reading Unbound Episode sixty-one- Fossil Hunting in Norfolk (Kind of)

2017 in Review.

Have a look here for a video version of this blog. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you won't.   2017 huh? It's been such a strange one. Alot of great stuff happened to me, and also alot of terrible stuff. Here's a heavily abbreviated list of everything I got up to in the past 363-365ish … Continue reading 2017 in Review.

What is Unbound?

Hi, thanks for taking the time to visit Unbound Chris. I'm just an adventurer who loves travelling, writing, food, video games and film. On this blog I will detailing my adventures, completing my Life List and reviewing all sorts of things. My first real,┬áreal, taste of travel came in 2016, when the world was suffering … Continue reading What is Unbound?