Unbound Series

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I don’t upload as often as I would like, but I make videos about my travels around the world with my friends. They are low on production value, but high on heart. They are a record of all of the fun times in my life from recent years, and even though I’m no good at editing, I still cherish them very much.

Some of them contain sporadic parts of Liscenced music that I am definitely not alowed to use, but this is all non-profit and a great way to share the songs that I love, thus I have compiled them into a playlist. Youtube and Spotify (The Youtube one is more comprehensive but you have to deal with parasitic ads. The Spotify one is also omitted from the Christmas songs).

Episode 1-Gruyeres

Episode the First. When I first went backpacking through Asia, I decided to take 5 seconds of video every day and edit them into a single experience when I got home. I was only home for three months before I decided I needed to go away again, and this time I took a proper camera with me. I’ve been a long-time fan of HR Giger since watching Aliens as a teenager, so I knew I had to visit his museum for a weekend.

Episode 2-London

In early 2017 I went to a reunion of a group of friends I made in Asia. That night was a drunken mess, and the video is too.

Episode 3-Mundesley

Not every video can be about an exciting jaunt across the world. Sometimes it’s just an excuse to break out your brand new GoPro at a nice beach town in Norfolk.

Episode 4-Copenhagen

A solo trip to Copenhagen for the weekend, and what a beautiful place! Truly one of the best weekends of my life. Sadly, this video doesn’t show it. I was using an old camera, and somehow managed to lose almost half of the footage I took, but I guess that just means I have an excuse to revisit someday.

Episode 5- Bury St Edmunds

This video was a turning point for the series! This is where I would begin the usual tradition of ‘comedy’ narration, even if it would be some time before I got a decent Mic.

Episode 6- Wells

A spontaneous trip to the coast with my best friends, a fantastic day, marred by the fact that it was absolutely freezing.

Episode 7- Hunstanton

A lovely beach day with my mother and her partner. Mostly around a sealife centre, but I didn’t want to risk contracting an STD by actually going in the water.

Episode 8- Dog Show

A local pub holds a dog show/summer festival every year. Sadly, my step-sister’s dog Hooch is no longer with us, but I’m glad I made videos like this, to keep his sweet memory alive. Even if that night was a drunken disaster.

Episode 9- Beers & Beethoven

2017 was a great year for me. I knew I couldn’t travel, but I knew I had to make every moment of that year as fun as hell, and I really succeeded. This was during the Norfolk&Norwich festival, and I bought a shit-tonne of tickets for various acts and dragged my Dad along to see them.

Episode 10- Rivers&Wine

Now this is my favourite example of an accidentally perfect day. What was supposed to be a leisurely picnic by the river turned into a mini-party in Haddiscoe. A really cherished memory and a bangin’ night.

Episode 11- Pig Race

It was a boring Sunday, and we wanted to find something fun. ‘Pig race’ was a joke, but remember, we’re from Norfolk, and they’re a dime a dozen.

Episode 12- Colour 5k

My first ever fun run! And what a perfect choice.

Episode 13- Pride 2017

The day after a messy 25th birthday, but a beautiful turn-out.

Episode 14- Sandringham Food & Drink Festival

Driving to this place with two backseat drivers was a nightmare. Thank god they had beer & cider.

Episode 15- Reunions

Not an exciting episode, just me and my best friend hanging out for a weekend while he was in Norwich.

Episode 16- Waxham

Waxham is a popular Norfolk camping site by the beach, often notorious for it’s party atmosphere. What a great weekend though.

Episode 17-Fake Fest

I know it’s not a proper festival, but a great weekend away with the family.

Episode 18- Stockholm

A mid-week break with my two best buds again. Unfortunately, we were very poor and constricted by time, so we didn’t actually do anything, but we still had a fantastic time.

Episode 19- Norwich Oktoberfest

When you’ve been to Oktoberfest in Munich, all other beer drinking festivals seem to pale a bit. Still, this was a fun piss-up.

Episode 20- Wandering

Slightly different to my other videos. I had an existential crisis and difficult decisions to make about how I would exactly become a writer and happy. A question I’m still deliberating, but it felt good to create something.

Episode 21- Felixstowe/Trimley

A trip to see my cousin who i used to be very close with. A relaxing weekend.

Episode 22- Christmas Episode

One of the best Christmas’s of my life and a fantastic send off to one of the best years of my life.

Episode 23- Canary Art

A super quick episode and just a bit of nonsense fun.

Episode 24- Amsterdam

My first trip to Amsterdam with my buddy Kai. It wasn’t a productive weekend.

Episode 25- Beast from the East

Just me trying to have fun as a blizzard hit Norwich.

Episode 26- Burlingham Green

I had heard that Burlingham wood was full of sculptures and was eager to go. They were not sculptures, they were sticks.

Episode 27- Leeds

After my existential crisis, I decided to work in America for a few months, but first had to attend some light training in Leeds, so why not make a weekend out of it?

Episode 28- Dog Show 2

We learnt our lesson from the previous year’s dog show.

Episode 29- La Transe Express

I had a sabbatical from work and did a bit of volunteering for the N&N festival, it was great fun.

Episode 30- Hemsby

I dragged my best pal Boon to Hemsby because we knew there was an abandoned holiday park there, but we couldn’t find the entrance, which apparently is just a hole in the fence. Apparently someone set fire to it slightly thereafter and now the police are cracking down on people entering. Oh well.

Episode 31- Frost Valley 1

My time in camp was unreal. I went in June 2018 and I still have dreams about it almost once a month. I would have given anything to have gone back, but honestly, I was just too old.

Episode 32- Frost Valley 2

Episode 33- Frost Valley 3

Episode 34- Frost Valley 4

Honestly, the thought of never being able to go back actually hurts my chest.

Episode 35- Manhatten

My 26th birthday exploring the big apple.

Episode 36-Niagara Falls

Honestly, coming here isn’t really worth, even if it is one of my favourite videos that i have done so far.

Episode 37- Washington DC

After camp you’re given 30 days on your Visa in the states, which was pretty much the thing I was looking forward to the most before I left. Unfortunately, things didn’t go my way, so i only explored Niagara and DC. My phone was busted, my bag-straps had snapped, I didn’t have nearly as much money as I thought I did, and it was constantly roasting hot. If it wasn’t for the kindest of my friends at camp putting me up and genuinely being amazing humans, I’m not really sure what I would have done.

Episode 38- Brighton

A trip down to Brighton to meet up with some friends from camp. More were supposed to come, but life gets in the way I guess. Still had alot of fun though.

Episode 39- End of 2018

Episode 40- Beginning of 2019

The beginning of what would be a very stressful year. I returned to working in bars, planning for something big that would ultimately never happen. There were some fun parts to it, and I tried to chronicle of all them in these videos.

Episode 41- Amsterdam 2

My only holiday that year! But a video celebrating us getting a new a dog and me trying magic truffles for the first time! Yay!

Episode 42- City of Ale 2019

Episode 43- Ely

A mixture of our night out on Lord Mayor’s Procession night (Side note, me and the two in the thumbnail both had to be at work by 8am the next day) and me visiting Ely with my mother.

Episode 44- Summer time

Filmed through summer, a transitional period where I switched jobs and tried to have a fun life.

Episode 45- Stoptober

I tried to film my journey throughout Stoptober, giving up smoking and drinking for a single month, but I didn’t manage it. I was in a very bad place mental-health wise, and although I had come to rely on both of those things to relax me, I also learned that sometimes it’s just okay to enjoy things in moderation.

Episode 46- Firework Night

Yeah more fireworks.

Episode 47- End of a decade

Episode 48-Barcelona

Before Covid-19, I had a brilliant plan to visit my 28th country on my 28th birthday on the 28th of July. This was the first stop, and I was very excited, and what a wonderful weekend I had. One of my favourite posts.

Episode 49- Budapest

What turned out to be only my 22nd (Or 23rd? I can’t remember) Country, shortly before the pandemic. Truly a beautiful city.

Episode 50- Quarantine

I filmed and wrote this over the course of 4-5 months. My intention was directed under the belief that in a couple of years, we’re going to forget about the uncertainty, that lockdown will be dismissed by the majority as a ‘small thing that happened’, but it wasn’t, it was new, cofnusing and scary, but it also allowed peoples perspectives to change and for new developments in people’s lives to grow, and that is what I tried to capture.

Episode 51-Winterton birthday

I had planned my 28th birthday on the 28th day to be in my 28th country, but lo! and behold! Covid.

I might be able to swing it for my 29th, but due to how 2021 is going so far, my 33rd might be more accurate. Still, despite going back to work and having the worst time, my best friends took me out to the sea-side and we had a lovely meal, it was a genuinely lovely experience! I have an additional BTS post about it here!

Episode 52- The Cooking Episode

Deciding to try and make the best of lock-down life, I decided to re-create one meal from every country I have been so far. The results were a mix, honestly, but the ones that were really good were really good, and the ones that were really bad were really fuckin’ bad, man. I have more of a BTS article about it here!

Episode 53- Walking around Norwich

More of a peaceful direction, this one. Not about comedy, but a lot of nice music to films about my various long-walks I take around my home city of Norwich, seeing a lot of beautiful skies and scenery. I wrote a full BTS about it here!

Episode 54- Snow Storm

Read the full BTS article here!

I like to think of this one as the beginning of a new series; brand new intro, and even a general direction for the videos. It’s a pretty long one, but it’s very fun, with weird skits, beautiful scenery and lots of cute dogs, I think it appeals to all demographics of my family/audience.

Episode 55- Drunkman’s Christmas™

The most chaotic episode yet. I wanted to fulfil a game where I got super drunk, ordered some bullshit online, deleted the emails and opened them like a new Christmas. Problem was, it was still lockdown, so I had to do it alone, and it was chaos. If it wasn’t for this video, it 100% wouldn’t be worth it, but at least I have this chronicle of despair to forever be on the internet.

Find the BTS article for it here, if you really want to.

Episode 56- Spring hath sprung

This is one of those ones where I just have fun with my family and friends. There isn’t much more to say about it than that, I guess.

Episode 57- Happisburgh

My first time in the tiny village of Happisburgh with my very reluctant dad and my very eager dog Donut. It was beautiful, but there’s something about that lighthouse..

Episode 58- Fossil hunting in Suffolk

After reuniting at our grandmother’s 80th, me and my best-cousin Olly were talking about his new fascination of fossils, so I invited myself down south to see him. We had a spectacular time around Bawdsey and Felixstowe, and the finds were fantastic.

Episode 59-Spontaneous Birthday

Every year, my family reluctantly ask me what I want for my birthday, and I always tell them the same thing; “I don’t need anything, let’s just go have some fun somewhere.” This year, finally, people starting to listen to me, and I was whisked away on a couple of adventures. Neither were particularly successful, but I chalk that up to 2021 beating down the final parts of my naivety and optimism. This weekend was a fun one, but a learning curve.

Episode 60-Norwich Dinosaur trail

A small episode, originally intended to be much bigger, and hindered by me leaving home and struggling to edit in my new digs, but a personal trail with me and some highschool friends.

Episode 61- Fossil hunt in Norfolk

Another episode in “Me and Olly go fossil hunting”

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