Gaming-Golden Moments

One Golden Moment- every game has it, whether we consciously realise it or not. The best games in my memory, are dictated entirely by this one, defining moment I had while playing it.

The best part of this, of course, is that every-single-person who has played the same game, probably has a different one they remember dearly. I’ll never forget the first time I stumbled across an oblivion gate by accident, and the world grew quiet and the skies turned red. I have it seared into my memory how it took me about five minutes to explore a single bathroom in Dead space, because I was SO sure, something was going to happen…but it never did.

Also known as “water-cooler” moments, they are some of the best parts of this medium, and sometimes change my perspective about a game. Here, I will be writing posts about each game I check off my list, and the moments I enjoyed most, and how we can learn from them as art. For me, gaming is about creating your own stories, not just experiencing the ones the developers have crafted for us. Below, are some of mine.

One Golden Moment in Mafia III- My first hit

One Golden Moment in Resident Evil 6-Edonia Town Hall