Writing true comedy

Think about the last time you read a book that was a comedy, and think to the times you actually laughed at loud. It's possible you never did, yet you can still recognise when a story is supposed to be humorous. The difference, however, between thinking; "That's humorous", and actually laughing, is a vast one. … Continue reading Writing true comedy

Flipping tired tropes

A while back I wrote about the struggle we all find as creators to make something new and deeply original. Our world now is so saturated with media content, creating something new can be a daunting process. On the other-side, it can be fatiguing for us as an audience. We live in the age of … Continue reading Flipping tired tropes

A Single singularity- Short Story

Tuesdays are the worst. I know everyone gives Mondays shit, because of a cartoon cat and the fact we’re still coming down from the weekend high, but Tuesdays are the real deal, the puppeteers behind true misery. It’s a day that feels the furthest away from either side of the weekend, a culmination of everything … Continue reading A Single singularity- Short Story

Turn life into ideas.

My first blog post in almost a year was, somewhat ironically, me writing about the problems about writing. I tried to take my writers block and transform it into something creative, and while it might have been a ramble, it felt excellent. It also got me thinking, and realising it is something I have been doing … Continue reading Turn life into ideas.

The Boy’s Journey- a story through poetry

THE BOY'S JOURNEY             BORN INTO A CLOUD There was a boy once, Though he was born with eyes, He could not see, One of many sons, trapped in darkness Many in darkness choose to stay, The boy did not, The boy could not, And so he walked, And he … Continue reading The Boy’s Journey- a story through poetry