Weird Dreams Vol 5- Eyes of the Wall

The park had been here far longer than I had. I think for all the terrible things I've seen occur in the world over TV for the past three decades, none of it had spilled over to this small corner of the city. It had been half a life-time since I last lived anywhere remotely … Continue reading Weird Dreams Vol 5- Eyes of the Wall

Writing true comedy

Think about the last time you read a book that was a comedy, and think to the times you actually laughed at loud. It's possible you never did, yet you can still recognise when a story is supposed to be humorous. The difference, however, between thinking; "That's humorous", and actually laughing, is a vast one. … Continue reading Writing true comedy

Let’s write weirdness

I have written two articles previously about how to create something new (they can be found here and here) in a sea of saturation and thousands of different properties and ideas appearing every year. It can often boil down to simply taking popular ideas and putting new spins on things, or just taking an idea … Continue reading Let’s write weirdness

A Single singularity- Short Story

Tuesdays are the worst. I know everyone gives Mondays shit, because of a cartoon cat and the fact we’re still coming down from the weekend high, but Tuesdays are the real deal, the puppeteers behind true misery. It’s a day that feels the furthest away from either side of the weekend, a culmination of everything … Continue reading A Single singularity- Short Story

Planning vs pantsing: and why neither are right

In the world of writers who compete against each other to see who is the best one-upping one another in pure pretentiousness, there is one constant debate that always rages on: Which is better, planning or pantsing? To elaborate, planning and pantsing are typically seen as two different, informal techniques to novel writing. Plotting is … Continue reading Planning vs pantsing: and why neither are right

Turn life into ideas.

My first blog post in almost a year was, somewhat ironically, me writing about the problems about writing. I tried to take my writers block and transform it into something creative, and while it might have been a ramble, it felt excellent. It also got me thinking, and realising it is something I have been doing … Continue reading Turn life into ideas.

Standing on the shoulders of Gods- Short Story Challenge 21/09/2018

  STANDING ON THE SHOULDERS OF GODS       The smoke drifted towards the night sky, and the unblinking eyes of a thousand unnamed gods watched from above, their lights shining in the indigo sheet ahead. The stone idol sat idle, a rough carving of the nameless god, who took the form of a … Continue reading Standing on the shoulders of Gods- Short Story Challenge 21/09/2018

We’re in something-country-Short Story challenge 20/2018

    WE'RE IN SOMETHING-COUNTRY   These country roads weren't built for such a machine. The metallic beast roared past the empty verdant fields, and the winds swept through his hair. It was a beautiful, bright day, and the sky was a great blue expanse. His Mustang '67 glistened in all it's cherry red glory. … Continue reading We’re in something-country-Short Story challenge 20/2018

Fragility- Short Story Challenge 19/09/2018

  FRAGILITY   It was a long day, but they always were. The doctor grabbed his coat and turned off the light in his office. He said goodbye to Jenny, the nurse at the desk, and pushed outside in the Autumn cold. A gust of wind ran to meet him, scattering the crimson leaves, and … Continue reading Fragility- Short Story Challenge 19/09/2018

In the air- Short Story Challenge 18/09/2018

IN THE AIR   The Jordan air was hot and stale, but the air around Ann was electric. She was sat in the plane staring out across the desert, her body ran wild with nervous lightning. This was going to be the biggest break-through of her career. So far, anyway. She was so engrossed she … Continue reading In the air- Short Story Challenge 18/09/2018