Amazing Scenes- Prince of Egypt

Released in 1998, The Prince of Egypt is somewhat of a landmark title, being the first film released by Dreamwork's studios, the first studio to throw the animated-gauntlet against the juggernaut that was Disney at the height of its 'renaissance' days. First pitched by then-Disney-chairman, Jeff Katzenberg as an animated version of The Ten Commandments … Continue reading Amazing Scenes- Prince of Egypt

Locations as characters

Break down a character to it's very metaphorical skeleton, and have a look at their purpose. They exist as a conduit, an avatar for the audience to experience a created world through fresh eyes. They are beings with pasts, personalities and hidden traits designed for the audience to connect with and recognise as a story … Continue reading Locations as characters

One Golden Moment in Resident Evil 6-Edonia Town Hall

Resi 6 was built up with a fair amount of hype and fanfare, the trailers promising four-count 'em, four!- different campaigns with different styles of gameplay, in order to capitalise on each type of player that would be picking this up. Each campaign also represents a different style of play that the┬áResident Evil games have … Continue reading One Golden Moment in Resident Evil 6-Edonia Town Hall