Unbound episode fifity three- Rivers&Roads

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iLRSM7UhLHE&ab_channel=UnboundChris The newest episode of Unbound; Lo! and behold! Friendly reminder that you can find the full playlist of Unbound here and my page about the BTS here! Unbound is a series I make predominately for my family and friends who know me well, so it feels a little strange putting here in a more … Continue reading Unbound episode fifity three- Rivers&Roads

Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78U_Mkem9cc&ab_channel=UnboundChris Well, Lockdown 2 and 3 have appeared in England, and it's a much different experience. Of course, I've been lamenting heavily the fact I can't even go and see my friends or go to a museum, let alone travel the world again, but lamentation is wasted energy. I started making Unbound videos in the … Continue reading Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

Unbound Epsiode Fifty-One- 28 on the 28th

https://youtu.be/2uDf5aP7jis Well, after having my birthday in July, I finally got around to editing the events aorudn my birthday. As I state in the video, I had planned to visit 6 or 7 countries (Honestly I forget which, January was years ago). I had everything planned, a list of weekend breaks I would take every … Continue reading Unbound Epsiode Fifty-One- 28 on the 28th

Unbound Episode Fifty- QUARANTINE diaries

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W-uC7nDepAI&feature=youtu.be Find the rest of the Unbound series here! After a culmination of almost six months, I finally got round to writing and editing the fiftieth episode of my years-spanning Unbound travel series. If you asked me two years ago where I thought the fiftieth episode would take place, I would have assumed somewhere strange, … Continue reading Unbound Episode Fifty- QUARANTINE diaries

Turn life into ideas.

My first blog post in almost a year was, somewhat ironically, me writing about the problems about writing. I tried to take my writers block and transform it into something creative, and while it might have been a ramble, it felt excellent. It also got me thinking, and realising it is something I have been doing … Continue reading Turn life into ideas.

Starting 2018

During 2017 I made it my quest to write a list of 277 things I wanted to accomplish.  Of course that's an absurd amount, and the tasks detailed on that list weren't exactly designed to be completed in tandem. It was more designed so I could just look at the list one boring day and … Continue reading Starting 2018

2017 in Review.

Have a look here for a video version of this blog. Maybe you'll like it. Maybe you won't.   2017 huh? It's been such a strange one. Alot of great stuff happened to me, and also alot of terrible stuff. Here's a heavily abbreviated list of everything I got up to in the past 363-365ish … Continue reading 2017 in Review.

Introducing Chris Eats!

Hello adventurer, Like most people, I find myself usually pretty obsessed with food. It haunts and delights my dreams, it always has my intention. No longer is this a base need; no food has become something that has kept many of us going, not solely through sustenance but also through pleasure. I have a serious … Continue reading Introducing Chris Eats!

How travelling saved my life.

Almost eighteen months ago, I departed for what my friends & family referred to as "The adventure of a lifetime"- I however, rejected that labelling, but only because that implied I would probably never do it again. On the first of March, after around an hour sleep, I departed from Heathrow to explore the other … Continue reading How travelling saved my life.

100 Songs to listen to while travelling!

What makes a great song when you're travelling? That's such an open-ended question, that if I thought about it too much, it would defeat the entire purpose of this page. So, ignoring the fact I put "Essential" songs, consider this a subjective list. For me, the best travel songs enhance the moment. Whether you are … Continue reading 100 Songs to listen to while travelling!