Great Chapters- The Cave (A writing analysis)

Harry Potter & The Half Blood Prince, the sixth instalment into the titular series, was a turning point in many ways. While the series had been developing its darker tones as the characters and tone matured, they always coalesced with a feeling that whimsical feeling of magical escapism that made Harry Potter such a universal … Continue reading Great Chapters- The Cave (A writing analysis)

Writing true comedy

Think about the last time you read a book that was a comedy, and think to the times you actually laughed at loud. It's possible you never did, yet you can still recognise when a story is supposed to be humorous. The difference, however, between thinking; "That's humorous", and actually laughing, is a vast one. … Continue reading Writing true comedy

Personalities through action

Subtext is a powerful thing. Words can only mean so much in real life. If you want to get the truth of what someone is telling you, you have to look deeper. Body language, gestures and reflexes. So how can we implement that into our writing? First, let's look at how not to do it. … Continue reading Personalities through action