Inspiration from music

"The right song at the right moment can make you feel invincible."   A dear friend once told me that over almost a decade ago, and I knew what she meant instantly. I think she was meant to be paraphrasing something fromĀ Perks of being a wallflower, although I have neither read the book or have … Continue reading Inspiration from music

Top ten greatest original film soundtracks

What makes a great soundtrack? Well, silly, it's something that enhances the film. It encourages imminent dread, or makes that final kiss actually mean something. Think about some of the scariest, happiest, tensest and sexiest moments, then imagine them all with no soundtrack. Unless it's Blair Witch Project, it would probably just sound kind of … Continue reading Top ten greatest original film soundtracks

100 Songs to listen to while travelling!

What makes a great song when you're travelling? That's such an open-ended question, that if I thought about it too much, it would defeat the entire purpose of this page. So, ignoring the fact I put "Essential" songs, consider this a subjective list. For me, the best travel songs enhance the moment. Whether you are … Continue reading 100 Songs to listen to while travelling!