Amazing Scenes- Prince of Egypt

Released in 1998, The Prince of Egypt is somewhat of a landmark title, being the first film released by Dreamwork's studios, the first studio to throw the animated-gauntlet against the juggernaut that was Disney at the height of its 'renaissance' days. First pitched by then-Disney-chairman, Jeff Katzenberg as an animated version of The Ten Commandments … Continue reading Amazing Scenes- Prince of Egypt

Locations as characters

Break down a character to it's very metaphorical skeleton, and have a look at their purpose. They exist as a conduit, an avatar for the audience to experience a created world through fresh eyes. They are beings with pasts, personalities and hidden traits designed for the audience to connect with and recognise as a story … Continue reading Locations as characters

Something that no-one has ever seen before

We live in a time that is completely saturated by media. As a '90's child, we still had a huge back-catalogue of media to catch up on, affection ally called "old", when referring to anything from the '80's back to when recorded media first began to exist. Now we are positively spoiled for films,books, music … Continue reading Something that no-one has ever seen before

Top ten greatest original film soundtracks

What makes a great soundtrack? Well, silly, it's something that enhances the film. It encourages imminent dread, or makes that final kiss actually mean something. Think about some of the scariest, happiest, tensest and sexiest moments, then imagine them all with no soundtrack. Unless it's Blair Witch Project, it would probably just sound kind of … Continue reading Top ten greatest original film soundtracks