Locations as characters

Break down a character to it's very metaphorical skeleton, and have a look at their purpose. They exist as a conduit, an avatar for the audience to experience a created world through fresh eyes. They are beings with pasts, personalities and hidden traits designed for the audience to connect with and recognise as a story … Continue reading Locations as characters

Something that no-one has ever seen before

We live in a time that is completely saturated by media. As a '90's child, we still had a huge back-catalogue of media to catch up on, affection ally called "old", when referring to anything from the '80's back to when recorded media first began to exist. Now we are positively spoiled for films,books, music … Continue reading Something that no-one has ever seen before

Interesting relationships makes for interesting writing

There's a couple of unwritten tenets for writing for performance and even Improv comedy, but what seems to carry controversy is the notion that focusing on relationships is always a priority to plot. The difference here, is you can put two characters together in any situation, and the idea is to focus on how they … Continue reading Interesting relationships makes for interesting writing

Turn life into ideas.

My first blog post in almost a year was, somewhat ironically, me writing about the problems about writing. I tried to take my writers block and transform it into something creative, and while it might have been a ramble, it felt excellent. It also got me thinking, and realising it is something I have been doing … Continue reading Turn life into ideas.

Starting 2018

During 2017 I made it my quest to write a list of 277 things I wanted to accomplish.  Of course that's an absurd amount, and the tasks detailed on that list weren't exactly designed to be completed in tandem. It was more designed so I could just look at the list one boring day and … Continue reading Starting 2018