Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78U_Mkem9cc&ab_channel=UnboundChris Well, Lockdown 2 and 3 have appeared in England, and it's a much different experience. Of course, I've been lamenting heavily the fact I can't even go and see my friends or go to a museum, let alone travel the world again, but lamentation is wasted energy. I started making Unbound videos in the … Continue reading Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

Introducing Chris Eats!

Hello adventurer, Like most people, I find myself usually pretty obsessed with food. It haunts and delights my dreams, it always has my intention. No longer is this a base need; no food has become something that has kept many of us going, not solely through sustenance but also through pleasure. I have a serious … Continue reading Introducing Chris Eats!