Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78U_Mkem9cc&ab_channel=UnboundChris Well, Lockdown 2 and 3 have appeared in England, and it's a much different experience. Of course, I've been lamenting heavily the fact I can't even go and see my friends or go to a museum, let alone travel the world again, but lamentation is wasted energy. I started making Unbound videos in the … Continue reading Unbound Episode Fifty-two- The Cooking Episode

Writing true comedy

Think about the last time you read a book that was a comedy, and think to the times you actually laughed at loud. It's possible you never did, yet you can still recognise when a story is supposed to be humorous. The difference, however, between thinking; "That's humorous", and actually laughing, is a vast one. … Continue reading Writing true comedy

My Family plays DnD- Chapter 2- The Casket

This is a continuation of my DnD series. As always, quick disclaimer that we are not purists for the rules and that some fluff has been removed for clarity! The first chapter is here and the previous is here. The three figures emerged from the rapidly darkening woods and onto the fields that stretched towards … Continue reading My Family plays DnD- Chapter 2- The Casket

Improv- one year on.

Fourteen or so months ago, I decided to join an Improvisational comedy course, and my life has changed in surprising ways. Around January 2017, on a whim I decided to Google "Improv classes near me" while bored at my soul-crushing job, and lo and behold, I discovered the Dogface Improv group, who were running beginner's … Continue reading Improv- one year on.