Inspiration from music

"The right song at the right moment can make you feel invincible."   A dear friend once told me that over almost a decade ago, and I knew what she meant instantly. I think she was meant to be paraphrasing something from Perks of being a wallflower, although I have neither read the book or have … Continue reading Inspiration from music

Turn life into ideas.

My first blog post in almost a year was, somewhat ironically, me writing about the problems about writing. I tried to take my writers block and transform it into something creative, and while it might have been a ramble, it felt excellent. It also got me thinking, and realising it is something I have been doing … Continue reading Turn life into ideas.

Creativity vs Mental Health

Writing is hard. What  seems like an easy thing, sending thoughts to paper, turns about to be strenuous, to an almost overwhelming degree. A combination of the physical act of moving your hand to type or write, combined with the mental contention of forming your thoughts coherently, it leaves the writer feeling drained after only … Continue reading Creativity vs Mental Health

Improv- one year on.

Fourteen or so months ago, I decided to join an Improvisational comedy course, and my life has changed in surprising ways. Around January 2017, on a whim I decided to Google "Improv classes near me" while bored at my soul-crushing job, and lo and behold, I discovered the Dogface Improv group, who were running beginner's … Continue reading Improv- one year on.