Strange Tales in a Strange Town

This page began life as a short story challenge I set myself to write a short story once per day, and upload it here. As you can see from the dates, my ambition got the better of me and I did not get very far. Now it is a collection of stories in their own miniature world. Each story has three prompts that act as the starting point, and a minimum of 1000 words. Everything else appears organically.


 Under the Apple Tree (A short story)

17/09/2018- Lost Dreams (ghost/stalker/massacre)

18/09/2018-In the Air (prophecy/virus/horror)

19/09/2018-Fragility (doctor/prostitute/jeweller)

20/09/2018-We’re in something-country (bats/mustang/claws)

21/09/2018-Standing on the shoulders of Gods (elephants/invincibility/desire)