Weird Dreams Vol 5- Eyes of the Wall

The park had been here far longer than I had. I think for all the terrible things I've seen occur in the world over TV for the past three decades, none of it had spilled over to this small corner of the city. It had been half a life-time since I last lived anywhere remotely … Continue reading Weird Dreams Vol 5- Eyes of the Wall

Weird Dreams Vol 3- The Smoke and the Fear

The following is a horror story based on a dream I had when I was 12 or 13, mature content warning. The sky was pitch black. A canopy of smoke reached towards the desolate heaven above, towering over a crimson pitch. The city was burning. Alfie watched from his bedroom window, watching the smoke drift … Continue reading Weird Dreams Vol 3- The Smoke and the Fear

My Family plays DnD- Chapter 2- The Casket

This is a continuation of my DnD series. As always, quick disclaimer that we are not purists for the rules and that some fluff has been removed for clarity! The first chapter is here and the previous is here. The three figures emerged from the rapidly darkening woods and onto the fields that stretched towards … Continue reading My Family plays DnD- Chapter 2- The Casket

My family plays DnD-Prologue

My birthday just passed recently, and I'm not of a want for anything material; I fully believe special days, holidays and traditions are fully for doing fun things and making memories rather than asking for money or presents. Naturally, this puts my family in a slight bind as 1) We're currently still in a global … Continue reading My family plays DnD-Prologue

A Single singularity- Short Story

Tuesdays are the worst. I know everyone gives Mondays shit, because of a cartoon cat and the fact we’re still coming down from the weekend high, but Tuesdays are the real deal, the puppeteers behind true misery. It’s a day that feels the furthest away from either side of the weekend, a culmination of everything … Continue reading A Single singularity- Short Story

Turn like the weather-Short Story

In a very cloudy, muddled city, there was one street that was always sunny. All except one patch right at the end, where it was almost always overcast. The street was full of the rich and the elite, the so-called 'hardest workers' in the entirety of The City. They let the sun reign over the … Continue reading Turn like the weather-Short Story

Two lightning strikes- Short Story

Below is a short-story written for the NYC at Midnight competition. My assigned tags were Historical Fiction/Barber/Syndrome, and I was given one week to write it. Although I unfortunately came down with the flu at the beginning, I managed to complete it with only an hour to spare.               … Continue reading Two lightning strikes- Short Story

Weird Dreams- Death of the Forest

The woods used to be so much bigger. Hundreds of years ago, spanning from one horizon to the other, a sea of deep and dark greens that gave life to the Earth, and hid many secrets. At least, that's what his parents used to keep telling him. Now it was a small oasis in the … Continue reading Weird Dreams- Death of the Forest

The Inhibitor Check (1st place winner- Writer’s Digest 2019 Popular Fiction Competition)

The spiders legs tapped against the glass furiously, repeatedly striking against the walls of the invisible prison that held it with inscrutable wrath. Eva kept her eyes focused on it from above, a chill that spread like sheet lightning streaked across her limbs and she shivered at the sight. She had never seen the creature … Continue reading The Inhibitor Check (1st place winner- Writer’s Digest 2019 Popular Fiction Competition)


This was an entry to a free short-story competion based on weekly prompts by   The prompt I chose was "characters are warned not to go into a forest"   The forest wasn't there last night. Gramma said it was a miracle, Papi said it was the Devil's work. The younger Winks didn't know what … Continue reading ARBORTHERIUM