Unbound Epsiode Fifty-One- 28 on the 28th

Well, after having my birthday in July, I finally got around to editing the events aorudn my birthday.

As I state in the video, I had planned to visit 6 or 7 countries (Honestly I forget which, January was years ago). I had everything planned, a list of weekend breaks I would take every month, which was difficult as at my place of work, there are only two other employees, meaning most of the shifts I did pre-Covid was by myself. This was due to be an amazing year, I and everyone else in the world surely thought, and I was going to have a full week on my actual birthday, somewhere very hot and potentially by the sea.

I adore weekend breaks, visiting a city on a cheap flight, visiting a cheap hostel, getting the touristy stuff out of the way so i can spend the next two days exploring the backstreets and secrets. I was at least fortunate to visit Barcelona and Budapest. In each weekend, I had an amazing time in both, and I’m deeply thankful I at least managed to make it to the two this year, before everything went to spectacular shit.

I’m thankful I had the foresight not to book anything in advance, after all, I love to change my mind every couple of days. I only decided I was going to go to Barcelona about a week before I did, and with the power of the internet, quickly acquiring transport, flights and accommodation is very easy. I had gigs, festivals and all sorts planned, jut as you probably did, but we can’t lament on what never happened, not after we have all been through. I’m thankful I have friends and family who were actually there and willing to spend time with me on my birthday, I couldn’t ask for more.

Winterton-On-Sea is a beautiful beach in Norfolk, not quite as busy as alot of other places, particularly halfway through a quarantine.

At night we went to Thai Llama, a delicious restaurant in Norwich city centre, definitely recommended. After that, we had a few drinks in the city, and I have to tell you, it was extremely weird. Of course UK is the home of binge drinking, it’s our main export when Brits go abroad, and Norwich has had a steady decline in safety and fun when drinking in the city. Working in a pub fulltime, obviously dealing with drunks is my bread and butter, but quarantine and ‘curfews’ has only achieved making sure everyone gets as obliterated as possible, as quickly as possible. As soon as we stepped into the city, people were arguing and shouting, someone launched a beer can at a strangers head as we passed. These were almost all youngsters, (I can use that term now that I’m 28, I’m pretty sure), we even saw people shouting at the top of their lungs at bouncers when their entry was denied due to them being too drunk, surely not understanding they were only proving the bouncers right.

Even at the bar past midnight, in our spaced out tables, drunk 21 year olds still approached us, one of them even telling us about his ex to the point where he started crying. When we departed, I walked my best-friend home even though she lived only 15 minutes away because we live in a terrible society apparently. After saying goodbye, I began the 45 minute walk home, where I realised I was being followed. I was aware of a shuffling figure outside a closed pub, and a peculiar noise he was making, a heavy rhythmic breathing sound, haunting and echoing in the desolate night. I do not drive, nor do I take public transport, I’ve developed a very swift walking speed, I made no indication that I was aware that someone was following me, and I took sharp turns, left then right then left then left again, yet the footsteps and that fucking breathing sound still followed me, even as I went into a complete circle. Finally I lost them near where I first heard them, yet I would later hear and see the same figure half an hour later, not far from my house, though this time, they did not try to follow me. It was a very strange and terrifying experience.

Still, I guess it’s an interesting contrast to how good everything was up until the evening.

For those of you who have watched the embedded video, you’re no doubt aware that 1/3 of it is just quietly making cupcakes, and the other 1/3 is an obvious Jurassic Park parody. Still, I’m very happy how this turned out, I think it has a simple beauty to it, and I hope you think the same!

Take care of yourselves.

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