Unbound Episode Fifty- QUARANTINE diaries

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After a culmination of almost six months, I finally got round to writing and editing the fiftieth episode of my years-spanning Unbound travel series.

If you asked me two years ago where I thought the fiftieth episode would take place, I would have assumed somewhere strange, mystical and cool that I had never been to before, but alas no, it had to take place locked within my home, unable to leave for more than an hour a day.

I started this travel/vlog series almost exactly four years ago, after I had returned from my ‘big-back-packing-trip’ across Asia and Oceania, and I think it charts the growth of an interesting part of my life. I have surely grown since those initial adventures, and absolutely every adventure since has developed me in some way, but I also grew addicted to the way that felt.

With about a single, microscopic doubt in my mind, discovering a love of travel saved my life in every conceivable way i could imagine. 2019 Was exceptionally difficult for me, as stress from work, relationships and my ambitions resulted in my mental health suffering exceptionally. However, although I let it take it’s toll on me, I was always planning an escape. 2020 Was due to be my escape, I even planned on visiting my 28th county before I turned 28 on the 28th of July. While I am so pleased I managed to visit Barcelona in January and Budapest in March, I’m still 5 countries away as I write this. Fortunately, I had made many plans, but had booked few adventures, so I was initially safe from financial detriments, until my mental health took more and more hits throughout lock-down., and I began spending as a coping mechanism.

Suddenly I was stripped away from the one thing that had brought me true happiness; the one thing that made me feel like myself. Like the rest of the world, unable to leave me county, my city, and then my house, when leaving was the one thing I trained myself to do when life got to be too much.

I created this video not only to show off the things we got up to, but to show solidarity through isolation. I know I was lucky to be locked inside with my dad and his partner and our animals, and I know alot of people suffered worse, but I would be doing a disservice to my own individual development if I failed to remember how badly it affected me, and how low I got throughout those three and a half months.

I know my family and friends pulled me through it all, and I owe them everything for that.

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