I only dream of storms- A Poem

Last night I watched a fractured sky

It was unlike anything I had seen before

Broken clouds and distorted stars

A stillness that had never existed before

It was a portal to the distant beyond

a door to a higher plane

I sat and watched the clouds not move

and yet the stars disappeared

there was a sea in the sky

An infinite wave of grey

There was a thunderstorm

Without wind or rain

I watched a shooting star escape the tide

I closed my eyes

but I was out of wishes to give

And In a blink the sky was gone

The monochrome expanse rolled towards me

Towards the seated boy

born with a heart of iron pyrite

Sometimes decisions and fate seem the same

when you’re staring at the eye of a hurricane

The stars were gone and I was lone

Staring at a godless sky

Wondering if what I’d seen was true or dream

But I only dream of storms

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