Starting 2018

During 2017 I made it my quest to write a list of 277 things I wanted to accomplish. 

Of course that’s an absurd amount, and the tasks detailed on that list weren’t exactly designed to be completed in tandem. It was more designed so I could just look at the list one boring day and decide “Okay-I’ll try that!”, and to an extent, it worked wonderfully!

It was inspirational and fun, but I still felt pressured to do so much more. I had alot of fun moments last year, if you’d like to see, but I had planned and prepared so much more, which just failed, leaving me either out of money or just stressed.

But I can learn from that, and this year, I vow to just have a pool of ideas I can pick from, but nothing quite as silly as “watch the top 250 films off of IMDB” AND all of Disney’s library AND Spielberg’s library, and so forth. While I am still trying my darnedest to get through as many films as possible this year.

First, here’s a list of things that I WILL get done, or are already set in motion:

  • Move out of my hometown; Norwich
  • Successfully build a career in writing, or something equally creative
  • Learn to drive (finally)
  • Visit Amsterdam for the first time! (Going in late January, despite the whole-funds situation!)
  • Finally finish my book.
  • Go to Comic Con in London

Next up are goals I would like to accomplish, mostly smaller things than mentioned above. Some are kind of silly and fun, some are things I have always wanted to do.

  • Try out a minimum of fifty new recipes throughout the year
  • Visit twenty new restaurants
  • Visit New York
  • Ride a Hot Air Baloon
  • Learn Spanish
  • Visit 5 cities in England I’ve never been to before
  • Visit Scotland/Wales/Ireland
  • Ride a boat in the summer
  • Hike Snowdonia
  • Go to a festival
  • Go to a darts match (Darts is the only sport I enjoy watching. Is that weird?)
  • Make a short film
  • Finish my comic book
  • Go wine tasting
  • Be part of a TV audience
  • Buy some art
  • Go to a zoo I’ve never been to before
  • Kyak
  • Visit Paris
  • Go to a wrestling match
  • Jet-Ski
  • Tie-Dye a shirt
  • Go to an art exhibition
  • Go to a minimum of five gig’s (Pub bands don’t count)
  • Go to Thorpe Park (Or Alton Towers)

I’m sure I will add a few in the next few days, but after that, it’s action time! Why not check in here next year to see if I actually completed any? If I do, I will make a post about it, and hopefully you’ll read it.

I hope that 2018 is great for you, I know I’m going to run full steam ahead at it until one of us gets out the way, so maybe that’ll be great.

Chris xo


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