2017 in Review.

Have a look here for a video version of this blog. Maybe you’ll like it. Maybe you won’t.


2017 huh? It’s been such a strange one. Alot of great stuff happened to me, and also alot of terrible stuff. Here’s a heavily abbreviated list of everything I got up to in the past 363-365ish days (depending on when I finish this post)

Well, when you put it all down into a list, it doesn’t seem like much. Were you interested in any more of my adventures-here’s a playlist! So you can waste your time listening to my droning voice. What fun!

Of course that is only a small portion of what I did this year, and about half of what I had planned for it as a whole. It’s certainly been a challenging year, I didn’t really care for it. But I know I can make 2018 the best year so far. (Report back here next year to see if I did that or not)


It was truly a year that everyone swore could never be worse than the proverbial-social-prolapse that was 2016, somehow managed to be both much better and a hundred times worse at the same time. While we didn’t have to live through quite as many beloved deaths of people we grew up watching (although there were still plenty), we were treated to watching many more having their careers killed through scandal and controversy, and just general terrible things. There were tragedies, terrorism and terrible decisions made by terrible people who were elected due to ignorance and general apathy. I thought people were glum throughout last year, but people appear to be almost suffering now.

Of course, alot of good stuff happened this year too, but people were so bummed out, they decided to ignore it and bury their feelings with stupid memes and Love Island. And i’m not talking about the royal engagement and the fact that Chris Pratt is now single. Alot of good stuff you might not have heard about:

For more things that have happened, check out this album on Imgur I shamelessly stole from.

You see? While many of this things are the world just recuperating from things that we are directly responsible for, the fact that so many of us humans can recognise these as problems and move towards healing the world in such unity is a huge, huge stride, and if we can keep up this pace, we can change the world. For the better, hopefully. Just remember, if you want to save the world, it needs to start with you.

Hope you had a fantastic year, friend, and if you didn’t, I hope you make 2018 a fantastic year instead. If you’re unsure of what it will bring, get a piece of paper and write a list of everything you want to happen, then make it happen. Don’t wait for fate to sideline you, make it your own, come back in 365 days warn out and aching, but fulfilled and happy.

Take care, friend, I’ll speak to you in a year.

Chris xo




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