Introducing Chris Eats!

Hello adventurer,

Like most people, I find myself usually pretty obsessed with food. It haunts and delights my dreams, it always has my intention. No longer is this a base need; no food has become something that has kept many of us going, not solely through sustenance but also through pleasure.

I have a serious passion for both eating and cooking, they both delight me equally. For many people still, cooking is a chore, but for me, it will always be a dear pleasure. There is nothing quite like the feeling of trying a new recipe and it working spectacularly, or the smiles on other’s faces after you serve a dish that you (sometimes accidentally) spent hours on.

I have tried my best to introduce and replicate new recipes for myself and my household, and from now I am trying to record (and occasionally show off) the meals that I create (Only the ones that are successful, mind)

So with that, please watch out for my permanent page creatively titled “Chris Eats”, which I will update regularly. I will begin solely with pictures of food I have made, possible before moving onto meals from other sources and restaurants. I may even begin to upload any recipes that I can remember as well! What a treat!

Thanks for reading,

Chris xo

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